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I was staying there around the mid of october with smoatch complications,and the training nurses teir suck.They treated me like ***!Just because I was on medicare and medicaid, I hope that hospital burns to the grownd.I will never go there again.And of course never refer a friend to that horrifying hospital.Top it off!It was Haunted!Let alone the training nurses there have killed people there before.I am sure I will diffently keep on trying to put this hospital down.Its location is (West Jordan) and state (UTAH)!Their names at least the first names of them where Stacie and one was blonde and the other was straight black curely hair.and of course they will not admitt!And of the course just the way things are.

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As a response to the above review, if you can't spell, you probably aren't too reliable for reviewing. :grin


I used to go there for my back, to get shots in it but not anymore! not only do they charge over $900.00 but 1 block east at Grainger for the same thing it only cost $32.00 and the people are nice.

Since the bill was over $900.00 i made arrangments to pay $75.00 a month because they wouldnt take anything less and last month I was short on my bills so I called to let them know I would be paying it the following month and they said thanks for the call but if you go to collections it's not our issue!! I only owe $86.00 cut me some slack, I have never been late and I will pay the remander at the end of the month.

Anyway since that call I made to them they call every other day 3 times a day harasing me! I will never go there again and now I'm on a mission to let everyone know they are over priced and harass people if your even just a day late..

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